Escalators and Moving Walkways

The maintenance of moving walkways and escalators meets numerous challenges as:

  • equipments are used intensively, all over the year;
  • operating conditions vary widely throughout a typical day: rush hours followed by periods of downtime;
  • equipments suffer from corrosion and deterioration: winter conditions, sea air, sand, dust, pollution, and so on.

Located both indoors and outdoors, moving walkway and escalator chains can be subject to a variety of operating challenges:

  • Defective functioning of escalator step chains ("kinked-links" and / or "saw toothing"),
  • Non-optimum functioning of handrail chain, main drive chain, countershaft chain,
  • Condensation and corrosion,
  • Odours,
  • Etc.

Over many years, SOGELUB has acquired specialized experience in escalator- and moving walkway chain lubrication.

We have perfected a unique range of biodegradable synthetic oils and semi-synthetic lubricants to provide optimum solutions in the following applications:

  • The automatic lubrication of drive and step chains,
  • The manual lubrication of drive and step chains,
  • Maintenance of machinery equipment.