Intelligent evolutive lubricants

Intelligent evolutive lubricants

Due to its low viscosity and wetting agents, the brand new R 603 T fluid penetrates deep in chain parts and gets thicker after a time in order to ensure a long lasting> The viscosity of the product is then stabilized, so that the lubricant remains inside mechanisms, where it is highly active as a thixotropic lubricant.

Moreover, the R 603 T range is doped with PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene), which prevents stick-slip phenomenon when starting equipment. It provides anti-shock and anti-wear properties.

Where should R 603 T be used?

Primarily in dusty, wet or chemically aggressive environments.

What use R 603 T for?

R 603 T is meant for all kinds of equipment: chains, wire ropes, conveyors, sliding surfaces, precision mechanisms, and more.

Why use R 603 T?

  • It represents a significant breakthrough in lubrication;
  • It drastically reduces wear (it has a very low friction coefficient and contains anti-wear and extreme pressure additives, as well as PTFE);
  • It is a clean lubricant : translucent fluid that does not stain;
  • It avoids waste: easy and precise dosage;
  • It is economical : efficient even when applied in thin layers (µ-like film);
  • It resists water, vapour, and humid operating environments;
  • It can be used from -15°C to +200°C;
  • It cleans residues from mechanisms;
  • It protects from dust;
  • It can even be used in hard-to-access places, thanks to its long applicator tube.