Who are we?

Innovation through research: our core mission

Since our founding in 1976, our core mission has been to develop innovative lubricants for a broad array of applications.

As creators and manufacturers of special lubricants, our business focuses on helping our customers optimize their industrial productivity.

Formulators, manufacturers, innovators, and consultants—the SOGELUB team works right by your side from beginning to end of all your manufacturing processes. Our laboratory and production centers are located in the heart of Europe, allowing us to quickly respond to all our customers’ needs.

Our main areas of expertise are:

  • Hollow glass: bottles, flasks, jars, table glassware, pharmaceutical glassware, specialized glass articles
  • Flat glass: float process, printed glass, automotive glass, architectural glass, specialized glass items
  • The manufacture of insulating materials: glass wool, stone wool, plaster board
  • The food industry, especially in high-temperature applications: industrial bakeries, such as in the production of pizzas, waffles, tortillas, and so on

We bring custom solutions to every application, including the most challenging:

  • High-temperature environments
  • Minimal lubrication
  • Food norms
  • Protecting people and the environment
  • Extremely low temperature environments
  • High speeds
  • Heavy loads
  • Aggressive atmospheres: dust, chemical agents, industrial water, vapours, etc.
  • Release-agent applications

We are active in over 100 countries on 5 continents, and export over 80% of what we produce.