Shear-Spray Lubricants

A Unique range of Shear-Spray Lubricants

As specialists in the hollow-glass industry, we offer the most complete range of lubricants available, with over 10 different formulations, each adapted to the type of glass, the temperature of the glass, to machine speed, water quality, sprayed volumes, oil-water mixing systems, the temperatures of the shear blades, and so on.

Additionally, we offer a personalized follow-up for our shear-spray lubricants, to maximize your productivity in the long-run.

We would be happy to work with you in order to develop a custom shear spray lubricant to meet YOUR specific needs. Simply send us your request!

Shear-spray lubricants play a vital role—along with the water quality and the available mixing and spraying system—in determining the quality of the glass article.

The shear blade lubricants must not only lubricate, but also cool down and protect the blades from corrosion, ensure a constant cutting output, while, at the same time, alternating between cleaning and lubrication of the shear blades. The shear blade lubricant will protect shear blades from oxidation, in order to avoid residues on equipment, especially for gangways, shear arms, etc.

The quality of the water (city water, natural sources, wells, softened water, demineralized water, reverse-osmosis method) is just as important as the lubricant itself, as are the systems used for mixing and spraying the lubricant.

Optimization must take the entire system into account. It can provide, over the short- and mid-term:

  • a reduction in the required volume of the water/lubricant mix
  • cleaner IS and rotary machinery
  • the machinery will clog significantly less often (improving safety)
  • cost savings (in terms of lubricant AND water)
  • greater hardware reliability over time (blades and arms will remain in operation for longer periods of time)
  • an overall increase in output

To meet glassmakers’ needs, SOGELUB® offers the largest available range of shear-spray lubricants.