High-Temperature Food Industries

The food and food-processing industries face a wide variety of day-to-day challenges, such as the reliability of production processes, food safety and a need to reduce operating costs.

The main role of a lubricant in the food industry is to avoid any unexpected production breakdowns. Indeed, such breakdowns can result in significant costs: production losses, the inability to meet delivery deadlines, emergency repairs, cleaning and starting up operations, and so on.

An inappropriate lubricant can have a dramatic impact on production reliability.

Furthermore, lubricants must meet international food-safety norms. For many years now, SOGELUB has worked with the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF), an independent organization responsible for approving lubricants in the food and in the food-processing industries. SOGELUB has developed an extremely complete range of special lubricants, all certified by the NSF.

Furthermore, our food-grade lubricants are free of allergens, in compliance with EU Regulation N° 1169/2011 of European Parliament and Council of 25 October 2011.

Finally, lubricants must be highly effective, which means that they have to prevent wear due to metal to metal friction ensuring machinery reliability, and reducing the consumption of energy. This is particularly applicable in industrial bakeries producing: bread, pizzas, waffles, cakes, and other baked products, which are subject to extremely high temperatures during the baking process.

SOGELUB® has many years of experience working with high-temperature environments, enabling it to develop a line of highly performant chain oils—the UNIQUE range—that are specially designed to lubricate baking oven chains. They are all NSF certified:

  • R 670 FG,
  • R 690 HT,
  • R 690 HTG,
  • R 690 FG,
  • R 1100.

Completing this product line are our greases known as STABIFOOD and STABIGREASE, which allow the lubrication of bearings subject to very high temperatures or extreme operating conditions.

What is our objective?

Bringing concrete solutions to help solve the following problems:

  • Unpleasant odours due to the high evaporation rates of inappropriate lubricants,
  • Inadequate lubrication processes (either in terms of quantity or frequency),
  • Chain noise when ovens start up again.

We also offer a complete range of lubricants tailored to agro-industrial and food processing requirements, all NSF-certified:

  • PTFE-based dry lubricants, for chains and conveyors: R 604 T, R 606 T
  • Greases for bearings: the MD FOOD range
  • Hydraulic fluids: the SOG HYDRAU F range
  • Gear oils for gearboxes: the SOG GEAR F range
  • Chain oil for low temperatures: SOG SYNTH F
  • Medicinal White Oil: CODEX FLUID
  • Silicone lubricant: RD 30 F
  • Food-grade degreaser: SOG DG CLEAN F
  • Food-grade penetrating oil: RD 5 F