In terms of its need for special lubricants, the insulation industry is one of the most demanding.

Conditions encountered include, in particular: atmospheres laden with solid particles, corrosive atmospheres, the presence of dust, water-saturated air (100% relative humidity), acidic pH values, the presence of corrosive chemicals, industrial process water, and so on.

Furthermore, mineral wool ovens often operate at very high temperatures (>250°C), and under extreme conditions. The main challenge in is, therefore, to find a balance between excellent thermal resistance and a high level of safety, in order to avoid fires and production stops.

SOGELUB is actively involved in the entire range of processes involved in insulation production and, especially, in factories producing:

  • mineral wool: glass wool and stone wool,
  • plaster board.

We bring our expertise to the following applications:

  • the lubrication of forming section chains
  • the lubrication of curing oven chains
  • the lubrication of drying oven chains
  • the lubrication of bearings (synthetic greases)
  • the lubrication of drying oven chains (plaster board).

The main benefits of our special lubricants are:

  • reduced fire risk, thanks to their high thermal resistance and very low evaporation rate;
  • easier maintenance of chains, no residue build-up;
  • reduced wear of chains and mechanisms, and therefore, lower energy consumption;
  • protection against rust and corrosion, thanks to the high adherence and polarity properties of our lubricants;
  • drastic reduction of maintenance costs.