Delivery Lubricants

From surface pretreatment to lubrication during production

Our range of products covers glassmakers’ every need:

  • a LONG lifespan, dual-component coating, one HIGHLY resistant to the gob impact
  • neat oils (i.e., which are not water-soluble) specifically formulated for gobs to slide
  • shear-spray oils that not only lubricate shear blades, but simultaneously lubricate delivery equipment

Delivery Lubricants serve to regulate the sliding of the gobs from the top of the machine to the blank moulds, while passing through scoops and deflectors. They can be sprayed either at the highest level of the machines, or directly into the scoops, where the gobs enter into contact with the delivery elements.

Lubrication sprayed using different kinds of lubricants, such as neat oils, emulsions or water-based lubricants.

SOGELUB® offers a full range of neat lubricants, that is to say, which are not water-soluble. These lubricants can be created from a mineral or synthetic base.

One goal is to drastically reduce the volumes required while slowing down oxidation (the aging process of the lubricant). In so doing, carbon residue formation is also hampered, which could otherwise stain the glass items.

The lubrication of Delivery Equipment can also be done using water-soluble lubricants. Water-based lubricants, a more recent technology, are an alternative that offer some very nice advantages in terms of economy, safety (the risk of fire) and the degree of sliding/slipping achieved.