Ecological and Biodegradable Solutions

Since SOGELUB’s founding in 1976, respect for the environment has always been at the core of our values. Pioneers in biodegradable lubricants as early as the 1980s, by optimizing lubrication, we diminish their environmental impact.

SOGELUB was certified ISO 14001 early on—in 2005—with the goal of keeping its impact on people and the environment in check. Our philosophy is to find the best possible balance between product performance, minimal wear and tear, and the most efficient use of energy resources. Our ISO 14001 Certification confirms our commitment to preserve and respect the Environment.

Protecting the Environment is a vital part of our Research & Development as the products we formulate may come into contact with nature (e.g., railroads, escalators, dams).

Some of the major strides we have achieved in
terms of biodegradable lubricants are:

  • Special lubricants for lubricating escalators and moving walks mechanisms: R 605 B Sp+,
    R 610, R 615 MV, R 615 HV
  • Biodegradable oils to lubricate chains, subject to aggressive operating environments: R 645 SP 46
  • Lubricating fluid for rails: R 830
  • Greases for bearings and other mechanisms: MD 100 EP BIO.

Beyond the question of biodegradability, we have consistently worked to reduce our carbon footprint, thanks, in particular, to:

  • the development of technologies meant to reduce the evaporation of our oils, which allows users to lower their consumption;
  • the optimization of all our manufacturing processes: design, R & D, production, logistics, packaging;
  • major innovations which allow replacing traditional petroleum-based products by ultra-long-lifespan lubricants.

Finally, we collaborate in close harmony with our equipment suppliers to optimize energy efficiency.