Cutting Fluids

We have developed the most complete range of cutting fluids currently available.

We offer over 10 different formulas, each designed by taking into consideration the following criteria : the variety and the thickness of the glass, its coating, its temperature, the production process used (…), the production conditions (…), the lapse of time between scoring and breaking, the temperature of the production facility; and the relative humidity level.

We would of course gladly take a careful look at your production process, and work with you to develop a cutting fluid designed specifically to fit YOUR needs.

Our evaporating and washable SOGEVER FG® fluids offer an optimal quality cutting operation thanks to:

  • an appropriate evaporation speed adapted to the kind variety and thickness of the glass, from 2 to 25 mm,
  • absence of residues,
  • a straight cutting line in cutting operations,
  • a controlled scoring line,
  • top quality breaking process,
  • neutrality on glass coatings.

Developed in close collaboration with users, our cutting fluids are used during glass production (float) or glass processing (off-line). They are recommended for cutting all kinds of glass (e.g., glass, coated glass, architectural glass, automotive glass, and so on).