Research and Development

SOGELUB adapts to—and anticipates—manufacturers’ future needs. Guided by input from our Research and Development team and sales engineers, we are constantly formulating new lubricants.

This responsiveness allows us to meet manufacturers’ expectations and to work alongside them as they seek to become ever more competitive.

To this end, we offer our partners the newest and most innovative lubricantsavailable on the market.

Our Research and Development Team has developed a wide and vast line of products for:

  • shear-spray oils for hollow glass,
  • minimal lubrication technologies (Automatic Blank Mould Lubrication, or ABML) for hollow glass,
  • cutting fluids for the flat-glass industry,
  • ultra-high thermal resistance chain oils,
  • minimal lubrication technologies (MQL, or Minimal Quantity Lubrication) for metal machining,
  • chain oils designed to resist the harshest of environments,
  • special lubricants for the food industry,
  • high performance greases, pastes and solid lubricants,
  • and even more.

We are in constant communication with machine manufacturers in a wide variety of industrial sectors (e.g., Original Equipment Manufacturer, or OEM), as well as with manufacturers of mechanical components (chains, bearings, etc.). This allows us to optimize our Research & Development activity, and remain at the cutting edge of innovation.