Machine Lubricants

Lubricants for IS Machines and Rotary Presses must be:

  • efficient, such that they do not clog mechanisms (gearboxes, plunger mechanism, cushioning system, etc.) caused by the formation of carbon residue;
  • economical, by reducing lubricants budget, thanks to excellent thermal resistance, for certain formulations, to an ultraviolet fluorescent additive;
  • easy-to-use, while offering a variety of viscosities to choose from.

Our SOG SYNTHOGLASS range of oils covers all these needs.
In its design, we took the following criteria into account:

  • Ensuring that mechanisms function properly, especially in the case of press-and-blow production or Narrow Neck Press and Blow (NNPB) production;
  • Making sure SOG SYNTHOGLASS oils would be compatible with the machines’ other components (such as joints and elastomers);
  • Keeping machines cleaner, by reducing smoke from the oils and eliminating residue formation as much as possible;
  • Allowing for easy pumping of SOG SYNTHOGLASS oils, especially in winter.