Hollow Glass

Our unparalleled know-how in glass industry goes back to SOGELUB’s earliest days in 1976. This expertise has led us to formulate tailor-made solutions for many industries, including manufacturers of bottles, flasks, jugs and jars, pharmaceutical ware, syringes, and tableware. We develop specific solutions for many other demanding production challenges such as a quest for optimal brilliance, the manufacture of premium-quality items, and so on.

Our expertise spans the entire production chain:

  • Lubrication of feeders and IS machines
  • Shear-spray lubricants
  • Pretreatment of delivery equipment
  • Lubrication of delivery equipment
  • Pre-coating of blank moulds
  • Specific technologies for Automatic Blank Mould Lubrication (ABML) processes
  • Swabbing of blanks, neck rings, bottoms and blow moulds
  • Lubrication of rotary machines
  • Conveyor lubrication
  • Maintenance of mechanisms