Glass Bending and Skeletons

Bending glass is one of the most difficult operations in glassmaking. The main challenge arises as glass comes into contact with the tools ("skeletons") when bending. The glass must slide perfectly over the bending equipment.

The glass may be in contact with skeletons covered in high-tech temperature resistant fabrics, but may also come directly in contact with metal surfaces (e.g., stainless steel).

Our dry lubricants have been specifically developed to solve these kinds of problems, when bending automobile glass especially  for front and rear windshield pieces.

There are also architectural glass bending applications.

Our dry lubricants are used in glass-bending operations so as to:

  • avoid scratching the glass,
  • stabilize the glass during bending,
  • ensure the lubrication of bending tool equipment, in order to resist high temperatures.

These products are noteworthy for their outstanding adherence to surfaces as well as for their excellent high-temperature resistance.