Mould Lubrication

The ABML (Automatic Blank Mould Lubrication) Revolution

For decades, glassmakers have sought to automate the swabbing of blank moulds, for a variety of reasons:

  • to increase machine output,
  • to improve operator safety,
  • to stabilize production,
  • to reduce lubrication costs,
  • to no longer have to discard any gobs after swabbing.

Thanks to our vigorous R & D program over many years, SOGELUB now offers a complete line of products with this innovative process specifically in mind: SOGEVER GOLD SPRAY. Available in several consistencies, the SOGEVER GOLD SPRAY range can be used in different spraying systems: robot, fixed systems, semi-automatic spraying systems, custom-made systems, and more.

First, these lubricants prevent the glass from sticking to the mould surface.

Before developing these products, SOGELUB® conducted a technical study of the needs and expectations of industrial glass manufacturers. The three main areas of concern highlighted by this study were: the quality of the gob loading, the surface appearance, and the heat exchange.

The most critical stage of the process is when the gob enters into the blank moulds. This is a delicate operation for several reasons:

  • Glass temperature is very high;
  • The gob speed has to also be quite high (so that the gob falls to the bottom of the mould);
  • There are two motions of the gob from the top to the bottom, followed by bottom to the top (to form the internal cavity).

Surface appearance is also essential, since it is a major factor in the final quality of the glass production.

Heat exchange also has to be controlled. Even if the lubricant must sufficiently isolate the metal from the glass in order to maintain the stability of the temperature in the mould, the insulating properties of the lubricants must not be too effective.
Furthermore, if the swabbing lubricant clogs up the blank mould, evacuating air may become impossible. Control of the mould temperature would also be lost. The entire industrial process could be at risk.

Taking the three previously-mentioned aspects into account, SOGELUB® has developed:

  • Graphite-based pretreatments for moulds, which ensures the ease of production start-up.
  • Different greases for blank moulds, blow moulds and neckrings.