Lubricants for Conveyors

For the hot end, our SOGEVER® HOT END line, which integrates solid lubricants, facilitates glass piece sliding in hot applications, with no risk of fire. The insulating properties of our SOGEVER HOT END line allow for wide fluctuations in temperature, while maintaining the integrity of the lubricating film.

For take-out and cross-conveyor applications, our synthetic lubricants, R 695 et R 695 G, offer high-temperature lubrication, but without depositing any residue.


SOGEFLON® and STABIGREASE®, are high-temperature greases developed to withstand the most extreme conditions. Their very low high-temperature evaporation rates ensure that vital parts are lubricated, that lubrication can occur less frequently, and that maintenance will cost less.

These lubricants are highly recommended for feeder mechanism lubrication, as well as any mechanism in close proximity to sources of high heat, such as charging machines.