Departments of Maintenance in industrial plants are absolutely essential to the optimal running of factories. They watch over the reliability of machinery, they keep the various machines running smoothly, and they are involved both in predictive and curative maintenance.

Maintenance—a key aspect of company operations—turns to lubrication in order to, in particular:

  • ensure production stability,
  • reduce wear and tear on machinery,
  • extend lubrication intervals,
  • provide energy savings.

As developer and manufacturer of special industrial lubricants, SOGELUB is well-positioned to partner reliably and professionally with Maintenance Departments.

We offer specific solutions, particularly for applications such as:

  • Chains and conveyors
  • Bearings
  • Screw threads and sliding surfaces
  • Precision mechanisms
  • Gearboxes
  • High-performance penetrating oils
  • Metal machining
  • Cleaning and degreasing
  • And more.

The experience we have gained since 1976 allows us to answer to many of the challenges faced by a wide range of industries: hollow glass, flat glass, insulation industry (mineral wool, plaster board, etc.); the food industry; the steel industry; aluminium; automobile manufacturing, textiles, marine, timber, and more.