Steelmaking - Metallurgy

Steelmaking requires cutting-edge lubricants and grease formulations that will withstand even in to the following conditions:

  • Extremely high temperatures,
  • Contact with process and wastewater,
  • Heavy loads,
  • Extended lubrication intervals.

Here are a few typical applications:

  • The anti-seize treatment of screws, bolts, and threaded elements, especially for coke-oven plants (door locking screws and hinges):
    • MD 511
    • MD 3000
    • MD 4000
  • The lubrication of bearings for continuous casting equipment:
    • MD 30 S grease
    • R 690 HT and R 690 HT G as synthetic oil (air-oil lubrication)
  • The lubrication of gearboxes for ladles:
    • MD 206 helps improve the reliability of rotary ladle nozzles, subjected to high temperatures, heavy loads, and infrequent maintenance intervals
  • Chains and wire ropes:
    • R 603 T
    • R 603 TCA
  • Bearings and mechanisms subject to extreme conditions: