Delivery lubricants

Delivery lubricants

The purpose of lubricants for the delivery systems is to control the gob slipping speed from the gob accelerators to the blank mould drop, through the scoops and deflectors. They can either be sprayed at the highest point, at the accelerator entrance, either directly on the scoops, at the first contact point of the gob with the delivery system.

The lubrication of these systems can be set up with different types of lubricants, wether neat, emulsifiable into water or based on water-soluble solutions.


In many cases, this lubrication is done by pouring drops by gravity or by spraying a white mineral oil at the entrance of the accelerators or directly on the scoops. SOGELUB® offers a full range of neat lubricants, not only mineral-based, but first and foremost on semi and even full-synthetic bases to strongly reduce the sprayed volume, as well as the oxidation reaction, and therefore residue build-ups and the the entire system pollution.

Thanks to modern technologies, lubricants mixed into water propose a very efficient alternative to end up theses residue build up problems, especially from a safety point of view (fire hazard). Emulsions or water-based solutions bring not only excellent sliding properties, but a detergent effect as well, by cleaning all the different parts of the delivery system. It prevents from any accumulation of oxidized lubricant, leaving the delivery system as clean as possible.

At the forefront of Research & Development of shear spray lubricants SOGELUB® is the 1st producer to offer a unique product for both shear blade and delivery lubrication , thanks to a single lubricant which can even be used with the same dilution ratio for the 2 applications : SOGEVER® 30 GREEN HV 950+. This reference brings to this day an unrivaled reliability : cutting efficiency and sliding speed stability.

From left to right : Synthtic solution, emulsion, neat oil.

Reference Type of lubricant
Base oil
 DELIVERY 2  Neat oil
 DELIVERY 3  Emulsion concetrate
 DELIVERY 4  Solution aqueuse  Synthetic
 DELIVERY 5  Neat oil  Half-synthetic
 DELIVERY 6  Neat oil  Synthetic
 SOGEVER® 30 GREEN HV 950+  Emulsion concetrate  Synthetic