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About us

Innovation through research is truly our purpose

For over 30 years, our aim has been to be innovative in the field of lubricants.

As a designer and producer of industrial lubricants for specific use, we optimize productivity in an industrial environment.

SOGELUB is active in formulating, producing, innovating and advising; all at the same time. Our production centres and laboratory, situated at the crossroads of Europe, enable us to be constantly attentive to our customers’ needs.

Our main fields of action are as follows:

  • Flat and hollow glass,
  • Insulation material manufacturing,
  • Steel industry and metallurgy,
  • Food industry,
  • Infrastructures, railways, harbors, docks, escalators and public works, etc.,
  • Aluminium,
  • Automotive,
  • General and precision mechanics,
  • Wood panels,
  • etc...

Our lubrication solutions cover the following:

  • Ultra high temperature,
  • Ultra low temperature,
  • High speed,
  • Heavy loads,
  • Difficult atmospheres: dust, basic or acid pH level, aggressive agents, industrial waters, vapors, etc.
  • Release agents,
  • Minimal lubrication,
  • Food and pharmaceutical standards,
  • Respect for Man and his environment, etc.

Active throughout the European Union, our technological innovations have also permitted us to provide users in China, Russia, Canada, the United States, India, Turkey, etc. with the utmost satisfaction.

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