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Wood industry and particle boards

Manufacturing a wood panel is most often carried out using a continuous press. Several applications can be listed :

  • Applications of form removal of the mast (pre-press),
  • Lubrication of press (bearings) mechanisms,
  • Lubrication of the bearing of the drive roll.

Then the following is proposed :

  • Special stripping agents according to the panel (particle board, OSB, MDF) and bonding material used : SOG DE range,
  • Lubricants resistant at high temperatures : STABIGREASE®, MD 466 EP, MD 69 HT, SOGEFLON® HT.

General and precision mechanics

When working with metals, we can define two types of operations :

  1. “Open” operations, where we first seek to evacuate calories (cool),
  2. “Closed” operations, where the lubricating characteristics are paramount.

According to the type of machining operations to be performed, the following will therefore be selected :

  • Either a lubricant to be mixed with water (refrigerating properties),
  • Or a lubricant that is not water soluble (lubricating properties).

For example, operations such as cylindrical grinding, machining or sawing are generally carried out using a fluid that is water soluble. Inversely, tapping or threading most often require a fluid that is not water soluble.

Plastics industry

Plastic injections require a highly specific technology, particularly for the lubrication of punches, ejectors, guides and mobile parts.

The following products are used :

  • STABIGREASE® : high temperature and long-term grease,
  • MD 66 T : high temperature synthetic PTFE-base grease,
  • MD 466 EP : synthetic grease, without solid lubricant, with reinforced anti-corrosion and anti-wear properties.

Furthermore, to facilitate the form removal of parts, our RD 30F silicone lubricant provides a satisfactory solution. Its formula makes it H1 (food) compliant.

Finally, the drying of shrink films and packaging requires the proper chain oils for high temperature passage (e.g. PET film).

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