Intelligent evolutive lubricants

The intelligent evolutive lubricant

The brand new R 603 T formula infiltrates deep in the articulations due to its low viscosity and its wetting agents, and evolves by thickening, to ensure a long lasting lubrication.
The viscosity of the product is then stabilized, so that the lubricant remains in place in the core of the mechanisms, where it plays his part best (thixotropic lubricant).

More, the R 603 T range is reinforced with PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene), to avoid the stick-slip phenomenon when starting / warming up machinery. These particles will penetrate in the core of mechanisms due to the fresh lubricant flow, and allow to play their part as anti-shock and anti-wear cushins when starting up equipments.

Where should R 603 T be used ?

Mainly in dusty, humid or chemically aggressive environments.

What use R 603 T for ?

R 603 T fits to all kind of mechanisms : Chains, cables, conveyors, sliders, precision mechanisms, etc.

Why use R 603 T ?

  • Means a huge breakthrough in the lubricant industry,
  • Reduces wear (Very low friction coefficient, Anti-wear and Extreme Pressure additives, PTFE),
  • Can be used even in hard-to-access places, thanks to the spraying extension tube.
  • Clean lubricant : Translucent product that do not stains,
  • Avoids waste : Easy and precise dosage,
  • Unexpensive : Effective even with thin layers (µ-like film),
  • Waterproof, vaporproof and humid environment resistant,
  • Range of use: from -15°C up to +200°C,
  • Clean residues from mechanisms,
  • Protects from dust,

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