Machine lubricants

Machine lubricants

They ensure an optimal worktime for mechanisms, especially precision mechanisms exposed to high temperatures (pistons, gear systems, etc...). A constant concern in many industries has been rising : Oil losses and leakages. SOGELUB® has therefore worked on 2 axes :

  1. Formulations based on the purest synthetic components,
  2. Incorporation of a fluorescent additive allowing quick and easy oil leakage spot on the machines.

The SOG SYNTHOGLASS® MD oils have been developed to bring utmost satisfaction in these matters :

  • Preserved worktime (No residues or gums, e.g. in press-blow process),
  • Quick and easy spot of any oil leakage thanks to the fluorescent additive (UV flashlight required),
  • Minimum lubricant evaporation,
  • Easy lubricant pumping in every season (especially winter)
  • Cleaner machine environment (low oil evaporation).