Swabbing compounds / Mould lubricants

Swabbing compounds / Mould lubricants

First, these lubricants act as a release agent, preventing the hot glass from sticking to the mould.

In order to develop this product range, SOGELUB® initiated a technical survey about the needs and expectations of the glass professionals. The quality of the loading and distribution of the gob into the mould, glass surface finish and mould heat exchange have been the 3 highlighted criteria.

The loading of the gob (liquid glass drop) into the blank mould, is a crucial step in the process. It's a tricky operation for many reasons :

  • The glass temperature is very hot,
  • The fall speed is very high as well,
  • There are 2 opposing movements : down (fall of the gob) then up (gob pressed or blown to form the inner cavity of the container).

The surface aspect (or surface finish) is also predominant, as it determines the quality (or reject) of the final product. Releasing qualities will then be essential, meaning avoiding any defect on the external side of the product. This involves the blow mould in this case, and frequently the ring mold as well, which is very subject to these linds of defects.

Thermal exchange is a parameter that has to be preserved at any cost. If the swabbing compound soils the blank mould, the air inside the mould can't be released anymore. Coming from the lubricant burning, the carbon residues avoid the air expelling. Consequence, the mould temperature cannot be managed anymore. The whole industrial process is then reassessed.

Taking the three previous aspects into account, SOGELUB® has created and developed :

  • Graphite-based mould pre-treatments allowing faster production start : SOGEVER® SP 500 and SP 700.
  • Blank moulds swabbing compounds bringing all characteristics claimed by end users together : SOGEVER® F6R and SOGEVER® F8 (New generation multipurpose swabbing compounds), as well as SOGEVER® F8, designed among others to the white glass.
  • For flaconnage galssmakers, more specific products are available, like very clean lubricants with very low graphite rate or swabbing compounds specially dedicated to hard release such as SOGEVER® F3LP
  • Finally we have specifically developped products for blow and ring moulds ( SOGEVER® F100 Range).