Shear spray lubricants

Shear spray lubricants

The shear spray lubricant is the first of a series intervening in the hollow glass manufacturing process. It will define, along the kind of water, of mixing and distribution system in place, the level of quality of the final product.

The shear spray mix, besides lubricating, cooling and protecting the blades from corrosion, ensures a responsible of the machine clogging (upper level, shear blade arms in aluminium, etc.).

The quality of the water used in the process (tap water, natural sources, wells, softening, demineralization, reverse osmosis) is as important as the lubricant itself, as well as the whole implemented mixing / distribution / spraying system.

The optimization of the whole system is indissociable and allows in short / middle term :

  • a reduction of the water / lubricant mix used
  • a significant improvement of the machine general cleaneliness (safety)
  • a cost cut (for the lubricant AND water consumption)
  • the reliability of the machinery (uptime increase of the blades and arms)
  • a general increase in IS machines output

SOGELUB®, strong of its 35 years of experience and R&D on that critical application of the manufacturing process, proposes a range of products SOGEVER® 30 GREEN HV designed for every situation, every mixing, distribution system and for every kind of water used.


Reference Base oils
 SOGEVER® 30 GREEN HV  Natural and half-synthetic
 SOGEVER® 30 GREEN HV 920  Natural and half-synthetic
 SOGEVER® 30 GREEN HV 930  Synthetic
 SOGEVER® 30 GREEN HV 940  Mineral
 SOGEVER® 30 GREEN HV 950  Synthetic

The advanced technologies implemented within the shear spray range SOGEVER® 30 GREEN HV have been developed in the purpose to optimize and bring a answer to all criteria here above.