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SOGELUB, a company of a human dimension, has always endeavoured to adapt and anticipate future industrial needs. For this, we have been creating over 20 new products per year.

As a result of our Research en Developmentteam and Sales Engineers, we have been easily and rapidly formulating new lubricants whenever an application has not been covered by an existing product.

We have increasingly gained recognition for our flexibility by industrial companies who appreciate this competitive advantage.As a result, we have signed partnership agreements regularly with worldwide actors (metallurgy, hollow glass, flat glass, food industry, etc.) in order to propose ever more innovative lubricants.

Sogelub & Research

Projects and achievements :

  • Special study on the wettability of lubricants with the bodies CeRDT and Materia Nova.
  • European workgroup IBIOLAB that aims to develop the bio lubricants (Eco-labelled lubricants) of tomorrow.
  • Development with LAMIH, an affiliated laboratory of the CNRS, of lubricants for the glass industry.
  • Studies on Glass / Mould thermal exchanges, as well on the effects of precoating in the glassmaking process with TEMPo, laboratory of University of Valenciennes, France (Valutec).