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Our main production site is located in Belgium, in an industrial park of Tournai. Covering an area of 10 000 square metres, this site is at an equal distance from London, Dusseldorf and Paris; thus ensuring very short deadlines for procurement.

The products that enter and leave our workshops are subjected to stringent quality control, thus ensuring consistent production and product traceability.

Each product is given an individualized batch number to ensure product follow-up at the user destination.

Our packaging equipment helps us to produce the following :

  • Small packaging (5-litre can, 400g grease cartridges),
  • 1kg boxes (grease or paste),
  • 5-kg buckets,
  • Kegs of oil or grease (25 kg , 50 kg, 30 l, 60 l),
  • Drums (180 kg or 200 litres),
  • Containers.

Most of our products are available in aerosol cans. The gas propellants used are :

  • either of type HFA,
  • or CO2,
  • pocket aerosol using only the active lubricant, not emitting a gas propellant.