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Our lubricants target two objectives :

  1. Meeting and anticipating the most stringent rules and standards acknowledged in the food industry (NSF),

  2. Providing the user with real added value at the technical level.

Therefore, the years of experience of SOGELUB® in the High temperature have allowed the development of a chain oil range specially dedicated to the bakery oven lubrication :

  • R 690 HT, NSF H2 certified
  • R 690 FG, NSF H1 certified

In this aim, we have developed a range of synthetic products R 1000 that are totally revolutionary. These products, used in baking and pastry making, provide solutions above all in the following cases :

  • Bad smell due to the high evaporation of traditional lubricants,
  • Unsuitable greasing (in quantity or frequency),
  • Chain noises when starting up the oven again.

In addition, SOGELUB« has developed a special dry lubricant for joints in the presence of flour dust: the R 604 T. This product penetrates into the heart of joints even in the presence of a high level of dust; cleans and lubricates. Furthermore, PTFE has been added to facilitate cold start-up and provide lubrication in the most extreme conditions.

Finally, we also offer a complete range of lubricants tailored to the specific requirements of the agrifood and food industries :

  • Lubricants for bearings : MD FOOD range, NSF H1 certified*
  • Hydraulic fluids : SOG HYDRAU F range, NSF H1 certified*
  • Gear fluids : SOG GEAR F range, NSF H1 certified*
  • Oil for extreme cold conditions : SOG SYNTH F, NSF H1 certified*
  • White medicinal oil : CODEX FLUID
  • Silicone lubricant : RD 30 F
  • Food-grade degreasing agent : SOG DG FOOD
  • Food-grade derusting agent : RD 5 F, NSF H1 certified




* Some viscosities or references within a range could not be certified, but comply to NSF H1 or H2 certification. Some references could ba as well under ongoing certification. Please contact us for more details or current status.